DIY CC Cream- and why you need to make the switch from BB Cream


I have been intrigued with the CC Cream, because just a few months ago I learned what a BB Cream is.  Basically from what I have read online, CC cream stands for “color correcting” and it is also lighter/more sheer than a BB cream. So you should switch and use CC cream if you have less facial flaws and blemishes to cover.  In my case, I believe I will stick with the full coverage BB cream :)

Anyway…here is a DIY CC Cream to go along with my DIY BB Cream post a while back.  I will still try out the CC cream on my “good skin” days.

I found the instructions on this website.

She says the ingredients for CC Cream are:

BB Cream


Shimmer Powder

Water Spray

I love doing the DIY makeup, so you can adjust for your specific skin needs!
photo credit: linh.ngan via photopin cc

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