How to make store bought frosting WAY better

Can Canned Frosting Taste Better?

I was being lazy a few weeks ago and wanted to use store bought frosting instead of making homemade frosting.  I put it in my KitchenAid and started whipping it up.  I added vanilla and it still tasted like canned frosting.  I googled how to make it better and found a pretty good list here.  It started to taste a little better, but with all the time I spent researching and mixing up different concoctions, I could have made my favorite chocolate frosting from scratch.  So, long story short, canned store bought frosting can taste way better by adding a bunch of things to it, but not as good as good old homemade frosting! And seriously it is almost as much work as this amazing recipe!

Here is my favorite homemade chocolate frosting recipe, it is really thick and pretty much like fudge all over the cake.  The first time I tried it knew it was love at first bite!


Combine 1/4c. milk and 1/4c. butter in sauce pan.  Bring to a boil.

Add 1 tsp. vanilla and 6 oz. chocolate chips, just until melted.

Remove from heat. Beat in 2 1/2 c. powdered sugar.

Add a few drops of milk if you want it thinner.

Put powdered sugar in my electric mixer, and then pour in the chocolate while it mixes. You have to pour and spread it on the cake pretty quickly because it starts to set up really fast.

*Tip, pour it in the center and spread outward*


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